Decorating for a Red Carpet Prom on a Budget

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Hollywood. Tinseltown. La La Land. No matter what name you use, a Hollywood/Red Carpet Prom theme is always a big deal. This is one prom theme you can really go over the top with when it comes to decorating, but those decorations don’t have to take big bite out of your Prom budget. We have  Continue Reading »

5 Hot Decorating Trends for Prom 2017

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It’s almost Prom time! Your students are probably getting more excited by the day for Prom 2017, as banners and signs announcing your Prom theme and date start popping up all over school  While your students are reading up on gown, corsage, and hairstyle trends, there are other trends to consider as well, like decorating  Continue Reading »

Hot and Trendy Prom Theme Ideas for 2017

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The word Prom has a lot of power. It can instantly transport someone to a Prom from their past or the dream Prom of their future. We at can’t predict the future, but we are very excited for the new themes we are offering in the present: 2017. We’ve put together a quick list  Continue Reading »

The Hottest New Prom Themes

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This year’s Prom themes are hotter than ever! Look at the themes everyone is getting excited about below!   Trends in decorating are taking 3 directions in 2013: Glow Themes Dark backdrops accentuated with bright neon colors and glow-in-the dark accessories are all the rage. Skyglow Color Me Paris Electric Avenue     Rock &  Continue Reading »

The Hottest Prom Themes for 2012

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This season’s newest Prom Themes are bright and colorful with a nod to retro looks. Prom is all about celebrating, and these fun & festive Prom themes help you do just that.   Walking on Funshine Everyone loves the bright colors and fun look of bubbles in this hot theme!                Continue Reading »

Top 10 Prom Themes for 2016

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Choosing a Prom theme is one of the best parts of prom planning because there are so many exciting options. But it can also be a little overwhelming; it is a big decision. As a member of your Prom committee, you are responsible for choosing and the perfect Prom theme to ensure that everyone has  Continue Reading »

Fun activity and entertainment ideas for Prom

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One of the biggest challenges high schools face is ensuring high attendance numbers at Prom. With all the expense, time, and effort that goes into planning the biggest event of the year, it’s important that schools not only sell enough tickets but also encourage teens to stay at Prom for the duration, rather than leaving  Continue Reading »

Top 5 Hottest Prom Themes for 2015

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It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about Prom 2015. One of the first steps in Prom planning is choosing a theme, a task that can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. No worries. We are here to help. While we can’t choose your Prom theme for you, we can make it  Continue Reading »

How to Create A Glamorous Hollywood Prom Theme

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Hollywood themes are always a popular idea for Prom night. But if a red carpet theme seems a little cliche, use some of these new ideas to liven up this popular Prom theme idea.   Think Old Hollywood The 1930s and 1940s were the Golden Age of Hollywood that gave us many legendary movies and actors.  Continue Reading »

5 Super Sweet Dessert and Favor Ideas For Prom

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Whether you’re offering a complete or you want to provide some sweet treats later in the evening, a great dessert can be one of the highlights of the night. But what to serve? Think outside the cake box, and see how sweet Prom can be with these trendy dessert ideas for today’s Prom events.    Continue Reading »