Eight-color Water Paint Kit

Eight-color Banner Water-Based Ink Kit

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Create the world's best Prom decorations with this complete banner kit. Our inks are vibrant, waterproof, sun-resistant and quick drying. Each kit features a convenient and sturdy carrying tray with hood, eight color-coded molded ink wells, eight quarts of water-based ink, and 24 felt marker/brushes. All paints are considered permanent and should be used only on paper or cloth. Please specify eight quarts of any one color or a combination of colors.
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    N/C Black Water Ink
    N/C Blue Water Ink
    N/C Brown Water Ink
    N/C Gold Water Ink
    N/C Green Water Ink
    N/C Gray Water Ink
    N/C Lime Green Water Ink
    N/C Maroon Water Ink
    N/C Orange Water Ink
    N/C Pink Water Ink
    N/C Purple Water Ink
    N/c Red Water Ink
    N/C Sky Blue Water Ink
    N/C Teal Water Ink
    N/C Yellow Water Ink
    N/C Navy Blue Water Ink
    N/C Orchid Water Ink
    N/C Turquoise Water Ink
    N/C Coral Water Ink
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