5 Ways To Make Prom Better Than Ever!

Posted on: Thursday, December 30, 2010


1. Involve students early on. Take polls, ask questions, get feedback, and by all means get as many kids on the Prom committee as possible. The more input, the more you’re able to create an evening that is exactly how they want it to be.

2. Follow current trends. Teens are aware of all the latest trends in style, music and fashion. Make sure you stay current on what’s happening and choose colors, themes and décor that keeps up with the times. Choose the latest colors and Prom themes that depict current movies or songs such as A Little Bit Country or Forever In Twilight


3. Go all out with your theme. Once you have your theme selected, go crazy. Don’t stop with decorations. Use your theme on invitations, banners, tickets, and favors. Consider dressing your chaperons in theme as well. Having a  Paris theme? How about berets for all the chaperons/ Masquerade theme? go for masks. They’ll enjoy participating and will help create the ultimate ambiance.

4. Hire a great photographer. A crucial step to creating great Prom memories. Your photo pro should be snapping candid shots all night long as well as couple and friend shots.

5. Add an out-of-the-ordinary  prom feature. A water fountain, photo booth, video game station, or dance competition will add fun and get kids talking. Or how about some extra entertainment? A Comedian, local band or celebrity could add some excitement to the night.

With a little work and a lot of ingenuity, your Prom will be awesome and memorable.

What have you done for past proms to make them stand out?