This ain’t your mama’s Prom! It’s a techno world out there, and planning your big event with the use of modern technology will make it easier and more successful!

Teens are all about technology. From facebook to twitter and texting, it’s in their blood. They live and breathe it.  So getting classmates involved should be easier with the aid of today’s modern assets.

Here is a list of tools that can help you Plan your special evening:


1. Facebook: Set up a facebook page for your Prom. Invite students, staff, parents and even community members to join.  Use the page as a home base for planning your Prom.


2. Announce meetings, fundraisers and planning events.


3. Take polls and surveys to see what students really want or expect at their prom.


4. Recruit chaperones, volunteers & donors.


5. Hold contests to name your Prom, or choose the venue, theme or music.


6. Hype the big event. Get everyone excited. Hint at some surprises that evening. Keep them in suspense.


7. Twitter: Set up a twitter account for your Prom and make sure all your facebook fans also become followers. Twitter is great for quick updates and instantaneous polls or questions.


8. Blog: Create a blog to keep everyone updated on your planning progress. Although short posts and updates work on facebook, when you want to get into the details or list out options or ideas a blog is a great place to do it.


9. Text: Use text messaging with your committee for announcing meetings, sending reminders and getting quick questions answered. You could also run text campaigns with students to get them hyped about Prom and to send out reminders for fundraisers, ticket sales and special Prom related events.


10. Email: Don’t forget about email, it’s still a great way to connect with the world out there. It’s a good option for people aren’t as techno savvy (think teachers, staff, parents and volunteers)


11. Google: The ultimate search committee! Use Google to look for ideas and tools to help you plan your Prom.


12. Prom Nite: And of course make sure you “Like” Prom Nite on Facebook, follow Prom Nite on Twitter, visit the Prom Nite Idea Center for new ideas, and check out our all new website to make shopping for supplies easier than ever.


How are you currently using technology in your Prom planning?