Streamer Curtain Streamer Curtains are the hottest new idea in decorating for Prom or special events! They are easy and inexpensive to make and can create dramatic effects when used for photo backdrops or entry way doors.
How to make Streamer Curtains
Start by choosing your material. Make sure you use at least 2-3 different colors or tones to create a dramatic effect. You can use pre-cut streamers or cut your own.

Pre-cut Streamers

Using pre-cut streamers will make this project easy and fun! Choose a variety of types and colors to add the WOW-factor. For one standard 8-foot wide curtain you’ll need about 400-500 feet of streamers.

Holographic Streamers




Create your own streamers

Use leftover decorating materials and fabrics or purchase materials in colors and designs to match your theme. Simply cut the material into strips that are 1-2″ wide and 8 feet long.

Cracked Ice Rolls



Whichever material you choose, you’ll need about 50-60 streamers to create an 8-foot  curtain on a 10-foot line, which is ideal for photo backdrops or doors. If you prefer a longer curtain you can double the amounts.

When you have your streamers cut, you’re ready to assemble.

Assemble Your Streamer Curtain

You’ll need a 10 foot piece of sturdy fishing line or kitchen twine.

Attach your line to a table or wall with a piece of strong tape, this will help stabalize the line while you work on it.

Tie the end of each streamer to the line, alternating colors as you go. Leave about 1 foot of excess line on each end of the curtain.


Hang Your Curtain

Use your Streamer Curtain as a backdrop for photos, or a festive scene. Tack each end to the wall, about 8 feet off the ground. Keep it loose to allow the center to drop down slightly.

For an entry way or door, tack the ends of the streamer curtain to each side of the doorway just above the opening.
Ideas to Coordinate your Streamer Curtain to your theme:
Use lots of metallic streamers and cracked ice for:

  • Winter/Snow and Ice Themed Events – Blue, silver and white create a cool effect!
  • Disco Themed Events – Silver, black, and other bright metallics look nice here!
  • City Nights – Silver, gold and black create a nightime effect. Make sure to match and include your accent colors as well!
  • Hollywood – Lots of red, silver, gold and black metallics are a must!

Use a variety of soft colors and possibly even intertwine white mini lights into the top of the curtain for:

  • Fairytale – Soft gossamer and tulle colors are great for this!
  • Garden – Match gossamer, netting and tulle to your garden’s flowers!

Use bright colors for GLOW themes:

  • Bright gossamer colors will give the glow effect with the black light is turned on them!


Streamer Curtains created a dramatic effect for pictures or backdrops. They allow for student interaction while creating them, and they are inexpensive! The perfect solution to take your event decor to the next level!

Need Help?

Are you thinking about creating a streamer curtain? Comment below and tell us about your theme or event colors and we’ll help you choose the perfect material for your streamers.