Rock Star Royal

Princess Profile:
You appear to be a classic glamor girl, and you do like the elegant things in life. But inside, there is an edgier, badder you who can’t wait to exchange your kitten heels for leather boots and your beaded handbag for an electric guitar. ROCK ON!
Your Tiara: Ulrika #MW9704


Sporty Sovereign

Princess Profile:
Who says you can’t tear up the field AND be Homecoming Queen? You love playing tough and getting dirty, but at the end of the day, nothing beats a great mascara and a sparkling tiara! PLAY STRONG!
Your Tiara: Toni #MW8329

Tiaras from Prom Nite

Fairy Tale Princess

Princess Profile:
You’re a girly girl and proud of it. You love dresses, makeup and anything that sparkles. Of course, you’re a sucker for romance, but that doesn’t mean you always have to have a boyfriend. You’re strong, smart and beautiful–everything a princess should be. You’re magic!
Your Tiara: Sydney Tiara #MW9648

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