PN_committees_image1Every Prom advisor needs help to plan the perfect Prom for your kids. Prom planning can be easier and more efficient if you create sub-committees to cover every detail. While the number of sub-committees can vary depending upon your needs and school size, we have created a handy list of possible Prom sub-committees to get you started.


Budget Committee: Students and volunteers who are good with numbers are great fit for a budget committee. This committee manages the entire Prom budget and works closely with the Fundraising Committee.


Fundraising Committee: Student leaders and volunteers with organizational skills are perfect for your Prom fundraising committee. They choose and execute fundraisers throughout the school year.


Decorations Committee: This committee spearheads researching and choosing Prom themes and colors. They are also responsible for ordering and setting up all decorations from big kits to small decorations. Creative students and volunteers will do a great job on this committee.


Food Committee: This committee selects food and beverages for Prom night, whether they are snacks and punch or a full-scale, sit-down dinner. Any volunteer who knows what your kids like to eat is perfect for the food committee.


Entertainment Committee: If you have any musically inclined volunteers or students on your committee, make sure they are on the entertainment committee. This committee is in charge of choosing a DJ or band, arranging for a Master of Ceremonies, announcements during Prom, and following the night’s program.


Advertising/Publicity Committee: Get artistic students and volunteers to join the advertising/publicity committee. They can create and display posters and banners, put ads in the school paper, or make announcements over the PA. They also work closely with the fundraising committee to get the word out about fundraisers.


Favor/Prize Committee: This committee researches, chooses, and orders all Prom favors and prize donations. They also work closely with the theme committee to choose relevant favors for Prom night. Students and volunteers who are into the latest trends are a great fit for this committee because they know what your kids want.


Invitations/Tickets Committee. This committee is responsible for determining the wording for invitations and tickets, ordering Prom invitations and tickets, and ticket sales. Be sure some strong student writers and English students are on this committee.PN_committees_image2


Royalty Committee: This committee determines the voting method and conducts student voting for your Prom Royal Court. They also tally votes and announce the winners at Prom. Students and volunteers who are leaders or are good with numbers are great for this committee.


After-Prom Committee: This committee is in charge of planning all school-sponsored post-Prom events. This can be as big a job as Prom, so students and volunteers who have good organizational skills are perfect for your After-Prom committee.


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