Your Prom invitation is the first glimpse students get of Prom night. The invitation sets the tone for the entire event, so it’s important to make the first impression memorable. Check out these cool ways to have fun with your Prom invitations:


Prom Nite Magnetic Prom Invitation1) Make It Magnetic

Turning your Prom invitation into a magnet is a great way to promote excitement about the event and create a Prom keepsake your teens will want to hold onto. Either pick a ready-made magnetic invitation or create your own by gluing small magnets to the back of any invitation you choose. Prom attendees will love displaying their fun and magnetic memory makers both before and after Prom.


2) Play With Wording

Prom invitation wording doesn’t have to be formal. Play with wording so it matches your Prom theme. Is your theme romantic? Try writing a poem. Having a mystery or masquerade theme? Invite guests with a riddle. Going casual? Use wording with a laid-back tone. Changing up the wording is a great way to make your Prom invitation memorable.


3) Jazz Them Up

Make your Prom invitation look like a million bucks by adding fun or glamorous embellishments, like ribbon, rhinestones, sequins, or glitter. Get your Prom Committee or parent volunteers together for an invitation-decorating party. All the invites will be done in no time, and your teens will appreciate these extra touches on their special Prom keepsake.


Prom Nite Prom Invitation4) Decorate the Envelopes

The envelope is the first thing students see when they receive their Prom invitations, so why not make it memorable?  Use ink stamps, stickers, glitter pens and more to decorate the envelope to match your theme. This is a fun and easy way to get teens excited about the big event.


5) Include a Fun Surprise

Provide a hint of the fun to come by inserting a little something extra in your invitation envelope. Try confetti, glitter or tinsel in your Prom colors, a piece of candy, or a rose petal to set the tone for the special night.


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