Choosing your Prom theme is an exciting task and you should dream big, but the reality is that most schools don’t have a huge budget. We’ve put together six cost savings tips from the experts at


Build your theme around arches and other theme kits.

Prom Nite on how to stretch your Prom budget.


1. Use Key Props as Focal Points

Choose and order a few key props, like a Lighted Wire Eiffel Tower, balloon arch, or city skyline and design and build other decorations around that focal point.


2. Big Taste for Your Bucks

Hand out consumable Mints or Candy as Prom favors. Tasty treats like these usually come in large quantities at an affordable price, so you get a lot for your money.


3. Go Digital

Order digital invitations for Prom night online. These can be as low as $1.00 each, depending on the website you choose.



Look for this symbol in your catalog!

4. Super Cool Hot Deals

Look for Hot Deals throughout your Prom Nite catalog, especially on royalty items like Tiaras and Crowns. We offer a large selection of royalty tiaras and crowns, frames, and decorations so you should be able to find a comparable item in the price range that fits your Prom budget.


5. It’s All About Drama

Approach your school Drama Department about using some of their props, decorations or lighting for Prom night. They may be willing to let you use many of those items, especially if you give them a call out in your Prom night Memory Books about the spring play or musical.


6. Be An Early Bird!

The biggest and best tip is simple: plan early! Whatever tips you use or Prom favors and decorations you decide upon, place your order early. You don’t want to be caught at the end of Prom planning season with a rush order and high shipping charges that will put a kink in your budget. Make all your decisions early. It will save you time and money in the long run.


What Prom planning cost savings tips do you have for other schools? Share with us.