Whether you’re offering a complete or you want to provide some sweet treats later in the evening, a great dessert can be one of the highlights of the night. But what to serve? Think outside the cake box, and see how sweet Prom can be with these trendy dessert ideas for today’s Prom events.


Build-Your-Own Sundae Bar Prom_Dessert
Everyone loves ice cream! Rather than providing ready-made desserts for your Prom goers, give each guest an imprinted glassware favor and let them fill it up with delicious ice cream treats at a Build-Your-Own-Sundae bar. Offer classic ice cream flavors, like vanilla and chocolate, as well as some more exotic flavors. Don’t forget the toppings. Put out sprinkles, nuts, a variety of sauces, fruit, candy, and more. Also include a variety of sodas for those who want to make ice cream floats.


Candy Buffet
Candy buffets are becoming popular traditions during many high school Proms. A candy buffet is an economical way to provide snacks and dessert for hungry teens, and it adds a pop of color to your theme, so you can almost use it as part of your theme décor. Put candy out in decorative dishes on a long table, put a scoop in each dish, and provide small bowls, so teens can help themselves to exactly what they want. Try these fun candy ideas for your buffet:

  • Mini candy bars
  • Gummy candy
  • Rock candy
  • A mixture of hard candies
  • Jellybeans
  • Mints


Dessert Centerpieces
Add a sweet touch to your Prom tables, and save money on centerpieces by creating delicious and colorful dessert displays for each table. Cupcakes are always a fun option for something like this. Display them on a large platter or tree in the middle of the table, so guests can have easy access when a sugar craving hits. For a fun twist on the dessert centerpiece idea, try cake pops, chocolate covered marshmallows, rock candy, cotton candy, or anything on a stick and display them in a large custom imprinted vase or two on each table. Raffle off the vase at the end of the night.


Chocolate Fountain
A chocolate fountain is a fun and easy way to up the fun factor when it comes to Prom desserts. Set up a classic fountain or two and provide tons of goodies that Prom guests can dip into the delicious chocolate. Try fruit, marshmallows, or pieces of pound cake or brownies for the ultimate delectable treat.


Mini Desserts for Prom

Mini Desserts in imprinted glasses. Yummy treat and favor all in one!

Mini Desserts
Mini desserts are popular trends for today’s high school Proms. Mini desserts are a great way to combine dessert with a Prom favor, so teens get the best of both worlds: a memorable Prom keepsake, and a little touch of sweetness at the end of the night. Plus, when filled with delectable treats, mini dessert glasses provide a fun look for your Prom tables. Almost any dessert can be created in any miniature version. Try pudding, ice cream, root bear floats, or bite size brownies or cake.

With a little planning and creativity, you can create delicious Prom desserts your teens will love –and throw in fabulous Prom favors at the same time. How sweet it is.

 Do you have fun dessert ideas for Prom? Share with us.