Prom planning is a big task that involves many responsibilities, one of which is to advertise your Prom. This should be done many times so your students know as many details about Prom as possible. There are many ways you can accomplish advertising your Prom night, but we’ve narrowed it down to six ideas to get you started. Try any or all of these ideas to get the word out to your students, staff, parents, and community about Prom 2017!



1. Invitations

Custom invitations may be the best way to advertise your prom and get students excited for Prom night. Once you’ve picked the date and worked out all the details (time, place, theme), choose an invitation that matches your theme and place your order. Distribute invitations during school lunch periods to save on the cost of mailing them. Receiving the invites will get everyone in a Prom frame of mind and can be a “reveal” of your theme. Interactive invites, like a Spinner Invitation or Flip-open Invitation, and full-color tickets are other great ways to get your students excited for the big night.


2. Banners and Posters

Students are used to seeing banners and posters all around your school that advertise game nights, dances, club meetings, and many other events. Advertise for Prom by having your Prom banners and posters really stand out. Display them in areas you don’t typically put them. Add a full-color graphic to your banners to match your Prom theme, or choose a bright solid-color for your banner to make it pop.



3. P.A. Announcements at School

Use your school’s public address system to advertise and build excitement for Prom. Prepare a series of P.A. teasers about Prom (one every week or every two weeks) that will grab students’ attention. Start with several teasers about your Prom theme, leading to a BIG reveal announcemtn. (Match your big reveal teaser with a banner that also reveals the whole theme.) Other P.A. teasers include where can purchase prom tickets, the actual date, entertainment, and the location.


4. Advertise Your Prom on Social Media

Keep that Prom excitement high by getting the word out and posting all necessary information on social media. Utilizing social media will reach students and parents, who need to know about important school dates. Offer detailed information about Prom on your school’s website and Facebook page. You can even do a countdown during the last ten days leading up to the big night.


5. Electronic Sign in Front of School

Don’t overlook the obvious. If your school has an electronic sign outside, coordinate with the person in charge of those flashing messages to advertise your Prom using the sign. Keep your message(s) simple and teaser-like. Examples are: “Prom 2017 Theme is…A Night in Vegas!” or “Prom night will be held at the Riverside Ballroom.”



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6. Radio Spots to Advertise Your Prom

If your Prom budget allows for it, contact a local radio station to feature an ad about your Prom. You can work with the radio staff to create the correct copy format, or ask a communications or business teacher to help you create the “prom-otional” ad copy. Radio ads will reach parents, of course, and community members who may want to witness your Grand March!



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