Prom favors are an important, and exciting, part of Prom night. Favors may be one of the last things students receive and remember about Prom. If your prom committee is having any trouble choosing the perfect Prom favor, try one of these three hot trends!


Trend 1: Functional is still trendy.

Many students today want a favor that won’t just gather dust in their rooms. Reusable, fun, and functional Prom favors are sure to be welcomed by all of your students. Here are few examples for you.

drinkware makes a functional prom favor

Drinkware. Some of the most popular drinkware prom favors include sports bottlestumblers, and mason jars.


There are a multitude of Electronic accessories available for your tech-savvy students. Chargers, speakers, and headphones are perfect for Prom swag bags.


Custom Backpacks will definitely get a lot of use after Prom is over. And this functional idea for Prom favors can be added by stuffing the backpack with smaller favors (if your budget allows backpacks make trendy prom favorsfor it).


Sunglasses are an affordable favor option that are must-haves for your swag bags or place setting. They also go well with almost any Prom theme, especially a tropical or Hollywood Prom night theme.



Trend #2: Prom-goers still love tradition. 

Students in Generation Z are very savvy and know that trends ebb and flow, so choosing more traditional, yet still functional, Prom favors may be a welcome option for them. Choose a Prom favor from one of these mainstay categories.

classic photo frames are popular prom favors

Frames have been a traditional prom favor for many years, and there are hundreds of frame styles out there. From classic styles to full-color frames, most of them can be customized with your Prom theme and date.


Glassware is a classic Prom favor choice, but we understand it can be controversial. There are many different glasses out there that will not cause a stir. Try a glass tumbler, dessert glass, soda glass, or glass mugs.



From bucket candles to candle tins to mug candles, there are lots of new twists on the traditional custom Candle option for your Prom night!

 classic candles are still popular prom favors

Key Chains may be the one Prom favor that will never go out of style; people will always need something to keep their keys organized.





Trend #3: Swag bags have something for everyone.

swag bags are popular ideas for prom favors

More and more schools are following the swag bag trend for their Prom favors. You may need to stretch your Prom budget a bit for these, but it will be worth it! Swag bags will be a big hit with students because they will get several favors in one convenient gift bag. And there are many “swag styles” available. Match your swag bags to your Prom theme, like a masquerade or Hollywood theme, or choose a Prom 2017 swag bag that coordinates with any Prom theme.




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