Did you know that many teenagers have recently confessed that they were more excited about their school’s After-Prom party than the Prom itself? With this little piece of information, make sure your school’s after party is just as dreamy and super exciting for them as getting dressed up in gowns and tuxedos.

Typically funded by parents to keep their kids off the roads, and away from alluring temptations, an After-Prom party is an thrilling way for students to celebrate into the late hours in a safe way. If your Prom was “off-site,” bring them back to school grounds for your After-Prom party. Many schools have a lock-in with a no re-entry policy. (Non-transferable wristbands, like you might see at the zoo or an amusement park, are perfect for this purpose.)

Need some ideas to get you started on the party planning process? No sweat. We’ve got you covered with plenty of ideas from party themes and decorations to food and prizes.


After-prom party location ideas

After-Prom Party Theme Ideas

You can choose almost theme for your party, but one of our favorite ideas is to treat the After-Prom party as an extension of your Prom theme. Here’s a few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

Casino/Vegas Prom Theme: Set up casino games with fake money.

Under the Sea Prom Theme: Rent the local aquarium for the party

Starry Night Prom Theme: Go to a “contained” outdoor setting (park or zoo) or have it at a planetarium.

Big City Prom Theme: Take a bus trip to a nearby city and go bowling or skating.

Hollywood Prom Theme: Go to a movie theater.

Vintage Carnival Prom Theme: Set up real carnival rides in your school parking lot or visit an amusement park.

Other popular After-Prom party themes include the beach or tropical theme, 1980s, or a circus/carnival theme.

After-Prom party location idea






After-Prom Party Game & Activity Ideas

The main attraction of a party like this is FUN. You can make this party as extravagant as you want, depending upon your budget. Provide your students with a variety of games and activities to keep them occupied during the night. These are just some of the ideas you can use for entertainment:

After-Prom Party karaoke activity idea

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• Bumper cars
• Caricature artists
• Carnival midway games
• Inflatable bowling
• Inflatable jousting
• Karaoke
• Mechanical bull
• Obstacle course
• Sumo wrestling
• Tricycle races
• Twister

After_Prom activity ideas

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After-Prom Party Giveaway/Prize Ideas

They probably won’t need any prompting, but one way to entice students to attend the After-Prom party is to hand out prizes throughout the night. From door prizes to carnival game prizes to raffle prizes, there are lot of “excuses” you can use to hand out prizes and giveaways. Many of these students are seniors and will be attending college in the fall, so that can give you inspiration for some of these prize ideas:

After-Prom party guitar prize idea

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After-Prom party laptop prize idea

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• Electronic accessories
• Giant stuffed animals
• Guitar
• iPad
• Keurig® machine
• Laptop
• Luggage
• Restaurant gift cards
• Sports equipment
• Storage bins/chests
• Store gift cards
Swag bags


After-Prom Party Food Ideas

Aside from the fun factor of an After-Prom party, the biggest thing on students’ minds will be, “Where’s the food?” Provide them with a variety of easy-to-eat and on-the-go food options to keep their energy up all night long:

• Breakfast waffle bar


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• Build-your-own hot dogs
Candy buffet
• Cookies
• Cotton candy
• Cupcake stands
• Dried fruit
• Foods-on-a-stick
• Mocktails
• Nuts
• Pizza
• Popcorn

After-Prom party food ideas







As you can see, there are many exciting ideas for your After-Prom event. Mix and match these ideas to create a sensational party for your students that they will remember for a long time!