The Prom Court—the moment you announce your Prom King, Queen, Princes, and Princesses—is the highlight of Prom. Amid all those fancy gowns, elegant tuxedos, and luxurious decorations, your Prom King and Queen need royalty accessories to create a regal, standout look for this important Prom moment. To make sure you are fully prepared for your Prom Court we’ve assembled the ultimate checklist for you, listing everything from the tiaras to pins to the special lighting effects you will need for the big moment!


Prom Queen Accessories

Tiara for your Queen

❑ Tiaras for your Princesses

Tiara bags for future storage

Tiara pillows for presentation

Prom Court Tiara Idea








Prom King Accessories

Crown for your King

❑ Crown for your Princes

Prom Court Crown for Prom King







Prom Court Sashes & Accessories

Sash for your King

❑ Sash for your Queen

❑ Sashes for your Princes

❑ Sashes for your Princesses

Rosettes for sashes

Pins for sashes

Prom Sashes for Prom King and Queen



Prom Court Scepters

Scepter for your King – MMASKSCPT

❑ Scepter for your Queen

❑ Scepters for your Prom Princes

❑ Scepters for your Prom Princesses

Prom Court Scepters







Prom Court Robes

Robe for your King -show mood shot from page 153

❑ Robe for your Queen

❑ Robes for your Prom Princes

❑ Robes for your Prom Princesses

Robes for your Prom King and Queen







Prom Court Gifts

Medallion for your King – show MG5202

❑ Medallion for your Queen

❑ Medallions for your Prom Princes

❑ Medallions for your Prom Princesses

Belt Buckle Set for your King and Princes

Tie Clip and Cufflink Set for your King and Princes

Medallion Set for Prom Court







Prom Court Decorations/Lighting

❑ Luxurious decorating fabrics for a regal backdrop

Spotlight for your King and Queen’s special moment – show M1WS15

❑ Stage props (wire gate, covered arch, columns, balustrades) – the gate in the library

Lighted Gate Prop for Prom Court









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