Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean high school fundraising has to come to a halt. There are many different types of school fundraisers that can be done during the summer months. In fact, nice summer weather will only increase attendance at your fundraisers. All you need are a few ideas, some promotional flyers and banners to promote your events, and participants. The best part of summer fundraising is that they will not only raise money for your school, it gets the whole community involved and school pride will soar—before the school year even starts! Before summer is over, try a few of these ideas.

summer talent show fundraiser

Let students show off their talents in a summer fundraiser Talent Show.

Put On A Show

Show off your students’ artistic talents during the summer by organizing an Art Show, Craft Fair, or Talent Show. Community members of all ages will enjoy browsing through displays and, more importantly, purchasing their favorite items. Your school can charge a fee to attend that will cover your summer fundraising, and the artists involved also make some money.

Another entertainment fundraising idea is a nighttime movie showing at a local pavilion or park. Contact your local government regarding permits and legalities of this option. Sell tickets in advance, and sell popcorn and drinks to aid your fundraising efforts.

Partner with several local bands and/or musicians and hold an outdoor concert. This benefits your local music scene and raises some funds for your school.


popcorn machine for movie night

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Stay Fit and Get Moving

Summertime is prime time for outdoor exercise. Many community members will want to get outdoors and participate in or watch athletic events. Use a few of the ideas below for your summer fundraising efforts. Choose a date, sell tickets to participants, and enjoy the day!

  • Beach volleyball tournament
  • Students vs. teachers softball game
  • Swim-a-thon
  • Bike-a-thon
  • Run-a-thon
  • 5K Run
  • Summer hike
  • Outdoor Yoga
beach volleyball summer fundraising idea

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More Hot Ideas for Summer Fundraising

Those warm summer months can also be used for many other fundraising ideas. A traditional favorite that always gets a lot of customers is a Car Wash. It’s fairly easy to organize and you’ve already got the location; have it in your school parking lot!

Fundraising ideas that involve food are always popular. Hold a barbecue during the summer, complete with watermelon slices and a Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest. Kids and adults of all ages will love that! Another food idea is to set up a school booth at your local Farmer’s Market. No matter what type of food-base fundraising you choose, make sure you have an ample supply of tableware and decorations to dress up picnic tables, banquet tables, booths, and your entire party space.

Summer fundraising wouldn’t be complete without a way to cool down when the temperature gets really high. Organize a pool or beach party; you’re sure to have a lot of participants! If your school has a pool you can hold it there, or partner with a community pool. A local lake, river, or ocean also works for rousing beach bash.

PN_watermelon seed spitting contest

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Summer months are few, so take advantage of the summer weeks that are left with several of the summer fundraising ideas listed here. Or come up with your own ideas, unique to your high school.

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