Are you a high school student that’s both excited and dreading a new school year? We’ve got a lot of great preparatory ideas to help you make a smooth transition from those carefree summer months to a scholastic groove. Use any or all of these school year prep ideas to get organized, and prepare for a fantastic, positive school year.

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School Year Prep: Time Management

  1. Set the alarm 20 minutes earlier each week. This will get your body adjusted to those early start times. There’s about one month left to go before the first day back, so, by the time that day rolls around you will be used to getting up an hour earlier!

2. Come up with a plan to manage after-school time. We understand that schedules can change weekly or even daily, due to many circumstances. However, if you have a teenager who likes to get involved (or you are one of those teens), it will be nice to have a plan or schedule in place to manage your academics, sports, clubs, family time, social time, religion classes, and more.

3. Talk to your boss about cutting down on work hours for the school year. If you’re a teenager with a job, don’t forget that academics should be your first priority.

4. Purchase a notebook planner. This will come in handy to keep you organized, and not just academically. It will help you keep track of appointments, club meetings, practices, and more.

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School Year Prep: Academic

5. Make a list of goals for the school year. Think in both the short and long term. Type them up or write them down; they will give you something to shoot for during the year and give you sense of accomplishment when you achieve them.

6. Touch up your writing skills. If you don’t already keep a journal, start a hand-written or online journal. Write about your summer experience, or anything you want, to keep your English skills sharp for the school year.

7. Shop for new school supplies. Many local stores have lists (provided by local schools) with supplies that students will need. Find your list(s) to purchase new notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, and other classroom necessities.

8. Start getting your locker organized. Have some fun and think about how you want to organize your locker; purchase any necessary organizational locker shelves or baskets.

9. Learn and map out the school. This is hugely beneficial if you’re part of the new, incoming class. You can study the map ahead of time and get acclimated before your first day.

10. Attend all orientation events. Again, this is important if you’re part of the incoming high school class. It doesn’t matter if you are a freshman or sophomore; orientation events will help ease the transition.

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School Year Prep: Physical

11. Go shopping with friends. One of the most popular ways to prep for back-to-school is clothes shopping. You probably don’t need an excuse to shop, but grab a friend or two and go shopping! It will be nice to have brand, spanking new clothes for a new school year.

12. Pick a first day outfit to boost your confidence. Once you’ve got your new school clothes, pick out your favorite outfit and set it aside for the first day back.

13. Shop the school store for spirit wear. If your high school’s school store opens before the first day back, make a point to check out what it has to offer, like tee shirts, apparel, sunglasses, wristbands, or eyeblacks. With these spirit items be all set for the first pep rally and/or Homecoming game.

14. Get a haircut 1-2 weeks before school starts. This is one more way to boost your confidence in the days leading up to the first day back–with a brand, new look!


School Year Prep: School Spirit

15. Attend back to school events. Whether it’s a pep rally, parade, dance, or other activity, make sure you check out any back to school events to get into the spirit of the new year.

16. Join a club or other after-school activity. Visit your school’s website to find a list of clubs and activities that your high school offers. Some of these may have meetings before the school year starts. If something sounds interesting, be sure to get involved.

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School Year Prep: Health & Wellness

17. Ease into healthier eating habits. Summer months are lots of fun and come with lots of “fun” foods, like ice cream, barbecues, french fries, state fair foods, and more. Teenagers like yourself need good fuel to keep your energy up in order to learn and retain information. Ease more veggies and fruits into your diet to energize yourself during school days.

18. Get a sports physical. Many teenage athletes know this drill; it’s important to get an annual physical in order to compete on the school team. Schedule a doctor appointment as soon as possible, so you will be ready in time for tryouts and/or the season. Not an athlete? Doesn’t matter. Every student should get a check up for a clean bill of health before school starts.

19. Be positive about the upcoming year. There’s nothing healthier than a positive attitude. A new school year may present some challenges. If you have a positive attitude going in, and keep that attitude during the year, you can accomplish every school goal you set (academic, athletic, artistic, et al).

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There’s not much time left. Get as many of these 19 school year prep ideas done before the new school year starts. Find more great ideas for your school year at