Homecoming Week (aka Spirit Week) is one of the most exciting times of the school year, and takes place toward the beginning of the school year, so it’s the perfect way to pump up school spirit and pride. However, all of your Homecoming Week activities need careful planning. Most schools have a Homecoming committee of students, teachers, and parent volunteers to put together the best Homecoming possible. Follow these tips to get your committee started!


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Homecoming Committee Members

Once you have decided to form a homecoming committee take few preliminary steps.

  • Assign a committee chairman.
  • Recruit a few teachers for the committee to provide adult guidance over sub-committees.

After the main members are in place, add students and volunteers to your committee.

  • Have a student member sign-up during lunch periods or after school.
  • Recruit some parent volunteers. This is great for community connections and sponsors.


Establish a Committee Schedule

Got all your Homecoming committee members? The next step is organization.

  • Divide into sub-committees as needed (setup, parade floats, favors, royalty accessories, cleanup, etc.)
  • Set up weekly status reports for both the main Homecoming committee, and all sub-committees.


PN_Homecoming Budget


Review past Homecoming Committee notes.

Some schools keep 3-ring binders with notes from the previous year’s Homecoming committee. If these are available to you, they are a valuable resource for your committee. (If they are not available, be sure to keep good notes from this year’s committee meetings; they can help next year’s Homecoming committee.)

  • Review the current Homecoming budget.
  • Decide if you need a fundraiser or two to help increase your budget.
  • Allocate money to sub-committees as needed.
  • If necessary, choose and book a location early for the dance and any other activities.


PN_Homecoming Activities

Homecoming Week Brainstorming.

This may be the most exciting part of the Homecoming committee experience. Get everyone together in one group for a big brainstorming session. Topics to talk about include:



Shopping and Ordering.

After you have your brainstorming lists, divide into your Homecoming sub-committees. Each group can have fun browsing through catalogs and websites to find what they need to order.



These just some ideas to get your Homecoming Committee started. For more detailed planning resources, check out our Homecoming Guide and Spirit Week Activity Checklist to help with your Homecoming/Spirit Week planning.