Soda. Juice. Energy drinks. These are most teenagers’ beverages of choice during the school day. However, there is a much healthier option: drinking water. You can help your high school students stay hydrated in a healthy way by promoting the importance of getting more water in their diets. Keep the following nine reasons in mind to help persuade them to stay hydrated at school and at home.

Drinkware to Stay Hydrated


1. Drinking water regulates your body temperature.

Water absorbs and transfers heat; when the body overheats, among other things, it sweats to compensate. During very hot school days and school events, you can regulate body temperatures by providing lots of water to keep everyone hydrated. Offer plastic Party Cups filled with water during outdoor events to keep people cool and eliminate the risk of an emergency due to dehydration.

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2. Water lubricates your joints.

Drinking water is essential for retaining optimum levels of moisture throughout the body areas. It also protects the spinal cord, and acts as a lubricant for your joints. By encouraging your students to stay hydrated, it will only benefit your student athletes, from flexible cheerleaders and gymnasts to lightning-quick hockey players and runners.


3. Water flushes toxins from the body.

One of the biggest things water does in the body is flush toxins out and prevent illness. When students drink more water, their attendance record may increase due to less sick days. A great way to motivate your high schoolers to increase their water intake is by hanging Banners with motivational H2O messages throughout your school.

Motivation Banner

4. Drinking water increases your energy levels.

Most teenagers have a lot of natural energy, but you can boost it even more by helping them stay hydrated. One of water’s main functions in the body is to transport nutrients, which increases energy levels. With a proper level of hydration, your student athletes will perform at higher levels. Make Water Bottles and Tumblers mainstay products in your school store to keep those energy levels high.

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5. Water can alleviate physical problems.

Drinking more water can seem like a simple directive, but it can affect your body in many positive ways. Staying hydrated can lessen fatigue, muscle cramps, dizziness, asthma symptoms, allergies, and more.


6. Drinking water promotes weight loss.

Many teenagers worry about their weight. You can help them maintain a healthy body image by encouraging them to simply drink more water. Drinking water only, and cutting out sugary beverages, can help anyone lose a few pounds. Mostly, though, it will encourage healthy habits that will stay with them over the years.


7. Water improves skin complexion.

Another thing teenagers tends to worry about is acne and their complexion. We understand there are conditions that require extra attentiveness and medication. However, staying hydrated with lots of water can certainly affect the skin and, perhaps, keep some of those worrisome issues at bay.


8. Drinking water may boost cognitive functioning.

In addition to lubricating joints and flushing out toxins, water may also affect the brain. There a few studies that show that students may perform better and faster cognitively by drinking more water. Allowing Water Bottles in the classroom can only positively affect your students’ academic performance.

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9. Water improves mood.

Your high school teenagers can be moody due to several factors. But, you may be able to help in an unexpected way. One of the symptoms of dehydration is headaches, and mild dehydration can affect the mood. Encourage students to drink more water, and you may decrease moodiness, especially on very hot days, and it may have sa big impact on the overall mood in classrooms.


A surefire way to keep students hydrated during the school days is to provide lots of water and drinkware. Make sure your school store has lots of stylish Water Bottles in your school colors. Add Party Cups to your concession stands. Hand out Tumblers as student awards. There are many ways to motivate your students to stay hydrated and healthy throughout the school year. Browse our website to find the perfect Drinkware for your school.