Give your Prom Queen one of our top-selling Prom tiaras for a dazzling Coronation look. These nine tiaras feature styles that range from delicate and quaint to grand and impressive. No matter which tiara you choose for your Prom Queen, she’s sure to sparkle like no one else during her Prom reign.


Adele Tiara

Bring on the glamour for Prom night with our Adele  Tiara. This rhinestone tiara measures 2 1/4” tall, and features a very regal design, fit for a celebrity–just like its namesake–and your Prom Queen. Featuring an incredible amount of sparkle, this tiara will be a cherished keepsake for your Prom royalty.

Prom Tiaras

Chelsey Tiara

With its petal-like design, our 1 5/8” high Chelsey Tiara coordinates perfectly with a garden Prom theme. The unique style of this prom tiara includes a single center rhinestone mounted on a delicate silver stand; viewed at a distance, it looks like it’s floating in mid air!

Prom Tiara Chelsey


Cleo Tiara

Dazzling, unique, and regal, this Cleo Tiara is one of the more original tiaras we offer. Nicknamed for Queen Cleopatra, this 1 1/2” tall tiara features larger-sized rhinestones between two rows of rhinestones, and is topped off by a “string” of pearls along the top edge. Your Prom Queen will keep this ultra-regal tiara forever. Use Prom tiaras like this one for an Egyptian Prom theme.

Prom Tiara Cleo


Francine Tiara

If you’re looking for a prom tiara that’s sweet & simple, our Francine Tiara is very appropriate. The 2” tall tiara only features a four-petal design, but it’s one of our best sellers. It’s a trendy tiara choice for your Queen on her special night. Since the name Francine is French, it’s a great match for a Paris Prom theme.

Prom Tiara Francine


Kiley Tiara

Full of class as well as shine, our Kiley Tiara has a simple, yet formal design that is very appealing for Prom night. The royalty tiara measures 1 1/2” tall and features rhinestones in a variety of sizes and shapes to create its classic style. Prom tiaras should have a style that matches your theme; this tiara will look great with a fairy tale theme or a diamond theme.

Prom Tiara Kiley


Mirabella Tiara

Featuring a floral-inspired design and seven dangling rhinestones, our Mirabella Tiara has both beauty and grandness–two qualities befitting your Prom Queen. This 2 7/8” high tiara even has a name that means “admired,” so you are guaranteed a wonderful look for Prom night. The grandness of this design coordinates well with a ballroom Prom theme.

Prom Tiara Mirabella


Ruby Tiara

This delicate Ruby Tiara measures only 1 1/2″ high, but still has plenty of sparkle to spare. With its graceful curls and dangling center rhinestone, this Prom tiara gives your Prom Queen a little something extra.

Prom Tiara Ruby


Sasha Tiara

Our Sasha Tiara is has been one of our most popular tiaras for at least two years. So, if you’re looking for crowd-pleasing Prom tiaras, this is the one for you. The striking tiara features dozens of glimmering rhinestones in a swooping design and measures 2 3/4″, the perfect size to get noticed without being too ornate.

Prom Tiara Sasha


Sissy Tiara

The curves of our Sissy Tiara look like heart halves, making it the ideal tiara choice for a romance-themed Prom night. This Prom tiara measures only 1 1/4″ high, but it’s got a lot of sparkle to give your Prom Queen the attention she deserves.

Prom Tiara Sissy


If you’re looking for a top-selling, popular tiara for your teen Prom Queen, any of these nine prom tiaras are the perfect choice for you. We’ve got many more beautiful tiaras to suit your Queen and Princesses online. Check them out now!