Believe or not, there are just as many Prom crowns for your Prom King as there are tiaras for your Prom Queen. Crowns can be as traditional, trendy, or personal as you want them to be for your Prom King and/or school. We’ve got all the information you need to familiarize yourself with seven different types of Prom King crowns.


1. Satin Prom Crowns

Satin Crowns are a long-standing “Teen Favorite” crown for Prom night. It’s also one of the most versatile crowns we offer. With our 6 1/2” tall satin crowns you get lots of color choices. You can choose the color of your satin, sequins, and faux fur. It’s a great choice for creating a cohesive and coordinated look with your Prom theme or school colors.

Satin King Crown

2. Velvet Prom Crowns

If you’re looking for an extra-regal crown, our Velvet Crowns are the perfect option. These crowns feature a rich, velvety texture and features lots of sequins in a regal pattern that really gives your Prom King a chance to shine.

Velvet Prom Crown


3. Metallic Prom Crowns

For a crown that offers the most shine, our Metallic Crowns are essential.  These handsome Prom crowns feature an impressive metallic sheen and sequins in your choice of color for lots of glitz. White faux fur trim finishes this glimmering crown. Match this crown with a fancy Vegas Prom theme!

Metallic King Crown


4. Crushed Satin Prom Crowns

Featuring a creased satin top, this Prom crown is a fairly new addition to our Prom crown collections. The crown comes with a “distressed-looking” crushed satin top, dozens of silver sequins, and fluffy white faux fur trim. It’s a high-class way to crown your Prom King, and a great match for a ballroom Prom theme.

Crushed Satin Prom Crown


4. Fleur-de-lis Prom Crowns

The fleur-de-lis is an elegant symbol that is popularly associated with New Orleans or Paris. So, a Fleur-de-Lis Crown is the perfect match for a Parisian or New Orleans Prom theme. These exquisite silver plastic crowns feature a variety of fancy accents, like faux fur trim, pearls, or gemstones.

Fleur de Lis King Crown


5. Full-color Prom Crowns

Our Full-color Crowns are a one-of-a-kind King Crown that can be totally unique to your school and/or Prom theme. These crowns come with your choice of background graphic for the top portion of the crown OR the band. The crown with a full-color band also allows you to add your custom text for an extra-personal touch.

Full-color King Crown


Prom Crown with Full-color Band

6. Light-up Prom Crowns

Illuminate your Prom King’s special moment with a crown that actually lights up. Light-up Crowns are available in a traditional style or a fedora, and light up with the touch of a button. Both our standard crowns and fedoras feature bright chasing LEDs and sequins for lots of sparkle.

Light-up Fedoras


7. Embroidered Crowns

Personalize your Prom crowns with embroidery. Our velvet Embroidered Crowns comes with different band styles and feature your choice of text embroidered onto the faux fur. You can even choose your thread color. This is a great customized keepsake for your Prom King.Embroidered King CrownWant more Prom crown ideas for your Prom King and Court? We’ve got lots more online. Check it out now.