Prom royalty products are elegant and dazzling to look at and admire. With so many beautiful tiaras, scepters, and sashes to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start with your Prom royalty shopping experience. Use these tips to help you narrow down your royalty accessories to your top choices in all categories.

Step 1: Set a Prom Royalty Budget

Once you determine how much money you can spend on royalty products, you will have a better idea of how to allocate those funds. If you want to spend a bigger portion of the royalty budget on tiaras, you can check out some Grand Tiaras. Or, if money, is a little tight, a Royalty Set may be your best bet.


Step 2: Decide On A Style

Match your royalty style to your Prom theme. Here are just a few examples to get your creativity flowing.

  • Really fancy Tiaras will match a ballroom theme
  • Sashes with bling coordinate well with a Hollywood theme
  • Light up Fedoras with all their sequins match the “over the top” style of Vegas themes
  • Full-color Crowns are available in many options to match almost any theme


Step 3: Start Shopping

  • Read reviews to get other peoples’ thoughts on potential Prom products
  • Look for quality, durable crowns and tiaras that will last a long time after Prom ends
  • Keep comfort and fit in mind; students will be wearing these all night long
  • Match crowns, robes, sashes, and more to your school colors
  • Match tiaras, crowns, sashes, etc., to your Prom theme colors (e.g., purple, gold and green for a Mardi Gras theme)


Step 4: Order Early

To ensure that you get your first picks and favorite royalty accessories, order sooner rather than later. Not only will you be more likely to get those items that are at the top of your list, it will be one less thing you have to stress about during the busy Prom planning season.


Step 5: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

After you have received your royalty products, make sure to look everything over so it’s perfect for Prom night. Once your Prom King, Queen, and Court have been crowned, you can accessorize them all with the perfect tiaras, crowns, and sashes that they will love wearing all night long.


Your Prom royalty will remember coronation for the rest of their lives, so you want to be sure you have the right accessories and keepsakes to make the night as special as possible. With these easy tips, you will not only get the perfect accessories for everyone on your royal court, but you might actually have fun doing it. Shop now for everything you need for your Prom coronation.