Choosing a Prom tiara for your Queen and her Court is a very important decision. With dozens and dozens of beautiful tiaras to choose from, making that decision can seem a little daunting. One way to make your decision easier is to choose a Grand Tiara for your Prom Queen to make her really stand out. We’ve got three excellent reasons why a Grand Prom Tiara is perfect for your Prom night.


1. The Taller the Better

The reason we call these tiaras “Grand Tiaras” is because of the scale of them compared to most standard tiaras. Ranging in size from 8″ (Naydia) to 11″ (Sabrina), these Prom tiaras literally tower over every other tiara. Tall tiaras like these will really help distinguish your Prom Queen from the rest of her Court during group pictures.

Sabrina Grand Prom Tiara

2. Colored Stones

A Grand Tiara with colored stones is another way your Prom Queen can stand out. Four Grand Tiaras feature colored rhinestones to accent their impressive height. Choose the Blue Stone Sabrina Tiara or Blue Stone Jennifer Tiara to complement your starry night or underwater Prom theme. The Red Stone Arianna Tiara is a fun match for a masquerade Prom theme. And the Pink Stone Charlotte Tiara is the perfect eye-confection for a candyland or fairy tale Prom theme.

Arianna Grand Prom Tiara

3. “Heavy” Metal

Another way Grand Prom Tiaras can stand out from the crowd is with their metal color. Most of these tiaras are made of standard silver metal. However, there are three tiaras that feature colored metal: Gold Lexie, Black Naydia, and Rose Metal Rose Marie. Match the Gold Lexie Tiara with a 1920s or Gatsby Prom theme. The Black Naydia Tiara goes well with an elegant ballroom or Hollywood theme. And the Rose Metal Rose Marie comes with metal that has a pinkish sheen, so it’s a good match for a fairy tale theme.

Rose Marie Grand Prom Tiara


No matter which Grand Prom Tiara you choose, your Prom Queen will love her tiara keepsake from Prom 2018. Featuring hundreds of sparkling rhinestones in a tall design, a Grand Tiara is a royalty accessorry your Queen will cherish forever.



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