Years from now, your students will remember Prom 2018 with a smile as they reminisce about all the fun times had with friends. Right now, however, don’t let your students leave Prom empty-handed. There are many types of Prom favors you can hand out on their special night. Prom favors can range from options students can savor and use right away to favors that they can keep and enjoy for years. Take a few minutes to browse through 13 types of Prom favors that your students will love.


1. 2018 Quick Ship Prom Favors

These Quick Ship Prom favors are pre-printed with either a “Prom” or “Prom 2018” design, so you don’t have to stress about customizing them. These favors come a variety of options including glassware, key chains, and wristbands; and most ship the same day when you order by 1:00 pm EST


2. Bags & Backpacks

Fun and functional Prom favors like custom bags or backpacks we be appreciated by your busy students. Depending upon the bag, you can fold it into a Gift Bag, or hand them out as is.

3. Candles

Gel and wax candles in custom glassware are trending these days. Not only can you match the candle color to your Prom theme colors, you can customize them, too. And they will last a while once Prom is over.

4. Candy Prom Favors

Sweet treats are always a popular favor choice for Prom. Candy prom favors are definitely meant to be enjoyed right away. Match your chocolates, jelly beans, and gummy candies to your Prom theme and/or colors!

5. Drinkware

This is another functional Prom favor choice. Custom drinkware, whether it’s a stylish and trendy bottle or a durable ceramic mug, is something tangible that will get a lot of use after Prom is over.


6. Electronic Accessories

Accessories for smart phones, tablets, and laptops, are very trendy and relevant. There are lots of electronic accessories out there (chargers, power banks, ear buds) that you can customize with your Prom theme!

7. Prom Favor Sets

Prom favor sets are super convenient. Not only do they save you time and money during your busy planning schedule, they can be split several ways. Add a different favor each swag bag, use them for his and hers favors, and more!

Prom Favor Sets

8. Glassware

Glassware is another traditional Prom favor, but there are many “Teen Favorite” styles, and they are also functional as well. From flutes and trumpets to tumblers to dessert glasses, choose the perfect glass to match your Prom theme.


9. Key Chains

By choosing a key chain as a Prom favor, you can ensure that your students will use their favors everyday! There are a variety of classic and trendy styles to choose from, as well as full-color options that are specific to your prom theme.

10. Photo Frames

Available in a variety of trendy photo frame styles, these tried and true Prom favors will be cherished by your students and can be displayed all year long–and for many years after! From classic styles to glitter accents to full-color backgrounds, your photo frame Prom favors can be as unique as your Prom theme.

11. Prom Swag Bags

If you can’t decide on one Prom favor, Swag Bags offer you a lot of bang for your buck. Swag Bags are available with different themes, come in different colors, and include several small favors for one great price. You can also buy Gift Bags without the swag, so you can fill them with you favorite ideas.


12. Unique Prom Favors

If you want Prom favors that are not so traditional, try something that’s uncommon. Playing Cards, lip balm, pens, fidget spinners, lotion, games, umbrellas, and towels are just some unique prom favor ideas for you. And don’t forget to match them to your theme (cards for a casino night; towels for a beach theme).

13. Wearable Prom Favors

Students will love receiving Prom favors that they can wear for their Prom selfies! Stock up on wearable Prom favors like masks, dog tags, bead necklaces, lanyards, sunglasses, and wristbands for Prom night.


These thirteen Prom favor styles are a surefire way to get inspired. Need more ideas? Go to to find the perfect Prom favors for your students!