If you’re looking for trendy, new ideas for your Prom 2018 prom theme, we’ve got eleven amazing ideas for you. From breathtaking garden scenery to exciting foreign destinations to modern twists on fairy tales, you’re sure to find the Prom theme of your dreams right here.


A Storybook Fairy Tale 

This entrancing Prom theme offers you the chance to–almost literally–jump into the pages of a storybook. The unique archway of our “A Storybook Fairy Tale” theme is designed to look like an open book of fairy tales. And the beautiful balloon decor and charming castle provide the perfect props for your fairy tale Prom.


Big Fun in Little China

Put a modern day twist on an Asian Prom theme with our festive “Big Fun in Little China” theme. Between the buildings, rickshaw, butterflies, and pagoda arch, you will have all the elements to create that “Little China” or Chinatown section of a big U.S. city for Prom night.


Castle Dazzle!

Castle Dazzle!” is one of our favorite new themes for Prom 2018. With all those lights, it’s a trendy twist on the traditional fairy tale. Set up the massive light–up castle, fireworks, and lighted path, and your students will have an “electrifying” and enchanting fairy tale evening.


Cosmic Nights

If you want a more vintage look or nighttime theme for Prom, this “Cosmic Nights” theme is perfect. The stellar theme includes lots of big celestial structures, like a crescent moon gazebo, sun arch, and star stands–and most all feature a retro-looking filigree design. you will have plenty of decorations to fill any Prom venue.


Crystalline Ballroom

Crystal decorations are very trendy right now, so this “Crystalline Ballroom” theme is sure to knock everyone’s socks off on Prom night. The lighted ceiling curtains, mirror ball, silver skyline, and crystal columns will really make your Prom space sparkle and shine.


Disco-Lite Ballroom

We love this “Disco-Lite Ballroom” theme because combines elements of ballroom theme with some ‘70s disco ambiance. This theme includes pairs of light-up structures in different patterns that will cause your Prom venue to really glow. The funky floor panels provide a fun disco-like finishing touch!


Enchanted Gardens

A little bit magical and a lot of florals combine to make this unique “Enchanted Gardens” theme. The best part of this theme is the moving parasol mobiles. All three structures rotate to really dazzle your students. And the other greenery and flowers make this a lush set of enchanted gardens for Prom 2018.


Garden Paradise

If you are looking for a romantic garden theme for your Prom night, this “Garden Paradise” theme is the answer. From the beautiful couple taking a boat trip on a tranquil river, to the rustic stone bridge, to the gorgeous and colorful foliage backdrop, this a very romantic garden-themed option for your Prom.


Golden Ocean Cruise

Go nautical for your Prom night with this “Golden Ocean Cruise” theme. You can sail the night away on the deck of this mock ship featuring lots of gold accents and lights. There’s even a working water fountain for photo ops!


Paris Night Life

Paris themes are always popular Prom options, and our newest Paris theme “Paris Night Life” is sure to impress. From the red carpet to the extra large Eiffel Tower base to the quaint cafés in the background, this theme is a great way to make Parisian night life come alive for Prom 2018.


The Sky’s the Limit

Take a trip to the outer edges of the galaxy with this fun “The Sky’s the Limit” Prom theme. What makes this theme different from other starry night Prom themes is the 3-D pop-up effect of almost every kit. Between the 3-D elements, the sparkling glitter, and the light-up pathway, this star theme is one-of-a-kind.


Take your time and choose the perfect Prom theme for your students’ Prom night. You want to give them a night to remember, and that includes unforgettable decorations. Find more trendy Prom theme ideas here to start shopping.