Bonjour! If your school is planning a special Prom night set in Paris, France, you will want lots of Prom favors to match this foreign destination. Not sure where to start? We’ve made selecting your Paris-themed Prom favors very easy. In this short list we outline three types of favors and all the choices that are available in each of them. Read on for a list magnifique!


Edible PROM Favors

Students love tasty Prom treats that they can enjoy right away. Stock up on lots of edible Prom favors to satiate their tastes–and coordinate with your Paris theme. (Don’t forget to offer French food options for appetizers or desserts, like macaroons or croissants.)

Eiffel Tower Chocolates

Stock PROM Favors

Stock favors are favors that either feature a “Prom” or “Prom 2018” imprint already printed on it, or come blank. We offer lots of stock Prom favors that also fit your Paris Prom theme. The best thing about these favors is that if you order them 1:00 pm EST, they will ship the same day you order!

  • Swag Bags — these are available in several Eiffel Tower designs
  • Key Chains — these are available blank and/or in an Eiffel Tower shape
  • Glassware

Paris Swag Bag


Eiffel Tower Key Chain


Custom Prom Favors

One of the best parts of choosing Prom favors is that you can customize them with your school name, Prom theme, or date. There are lots of custom Prom favors that feature a Parisian or Eiffel Tower design that will perfectly match your Prom theme. Check ‘em out!

Eiffel Tower Candle Prom Favor


Paris Prom Frame

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