Prom invitations have come a long way. While you can’t go wrong with classic designs and styles, there are many other types of Prom invitations available, from interactive invites to dazzling full-color ones. From ballroom themes and Hollywood themes to casino themes, there are lots of invites out there for you to choose from to suit your Prom theme. 

Classic Prom Invitations 

If you’re looking for a classic Prom invitation with a timeless style there are about as many different classic Prom invites as there are Prom themes. Many schools with a ballroom theme tend to choose a classic invite, but this type of invite will work for many themes–you just need to shop carefully to find the perfect one for your Prom.


Flip-Open Prom Invitations

These interactive Prom invites include two pieces that are connected with a metal fastener, allowing the pieces to rotate. No matter what style Flip-Open Invite you choose, your custom text will always be printed on the bottom piece. Simply move the top piece to view your Prom details!


Fold-Over Prom Invitations 

Our Fold-Over Invites are cool combination of a classic invite–with a little something extra. Each Prom invitation features a graphic on the front and opens to reveal your custom text and a separate Prom ticket that includes up to 6 lines of custom text. It’s the perfect choice if your invitation budget is tight.


Graphic Prom Invitations 

With their stunning, colorful details, our Graphic Invites come in hundreds of different styles to fit almost Prom theme. Choose from Full-color Invites or Digital Color Invites. They’re super easy to customize: simply choose your graphic and add your custom text. Most fonts come exactly as shown, so that can save you time during Prom planning.


Premium Prom Invitations

If your school is looking for extra elegant invitations, Premium Invites are a no-brainer. These types of Prom invites feature fancy accents, with no assembly, to heighten the elegance of any Prom theme, especially a ballroom, Hollywood, or 1920s theme.


Scratch-off Prom Invitations

You don’t need luck for Scratch-off Invites–in this case everyone wins. Simply choose the invitation design that suits your theme best, and add your Prom details in the scratch-off areas. Students will love these interactive invites; they’ll be reaching for a coin or a key right away to get all their Prom details.


Spinner Prom Invitations 

This is another interactive Prom invite that will really get your students excited for Prom. Spinner Invites are all round and consist of a top and bottom portion; a metal fastener connects the two pieces. Watch your text appear as you spin the invite to reveal all the important details.


With so many Prom invitation styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your school and theme. No matter what invitation you select, be sure to personalize it with your Prom theme name, the date, and event details, so your students will have a lasting and meaningful keepsake of the big event.


Looking for the perfect Prom invitation for your school? Shop now for new designs and classic favorites.