The results are in. Prom Nite is proud to announce which Prom invitations are the most popular choices for your big night. From an interactive mask-shaped invite to a retro-style record invite, there are lots of unique Prom invitations that made our bestseller list. Take few minutes to browse through our top 10 popular Prom invites!


1. Golden Masquerade Flip-Open Invitation

It’s shaped like a vintage mask, features the classic color combo of black and gold, and it’s a little mysterious. This interactive Prom invitation makes a great impact and will set the tone and theme for your Prom night. Match it to our Vintage Masquerade theme or Gold Glitter Mask with Feather!

Golden Masquerade Invite

2. Gold Leaves Invitation

Adorned with gold foil leaves, this elegant Prom invite is a great complement for a variety of Prom themes. The black and gold invite even includes a gold ribbon to hold it closed (assembly required). Match it to our Garden of Glamour theme or our Sarabi Tiara.

Gold Leaves Invite

3. Gatsby Car Flip-Open Invitation

This unique and interactive Prom invite features the gold roadster from the popular 1920s novel. This invite is a must-have Prom favor for your 1920s Gatsby-inspired Prom theme. Match it to our The Golden Age theme or Classic Roadster Mural!

Gatsby Car Invite

4. City Skyline Invitation

No matter what big city your Prom theme is set in (Chicago, L.A., New York), this Prom invitation is the perfect match! Featuring lots of shiny accents, this black vellum invite unfolds to reveal an insert with all your Prom details. Match it to our Spotlight City theme or Skyline in Silver Photo Key Chain.

City Skyline Invite

5. Damask Design Invitation

The fancy die-cut damask pattern forms a slightly floral (and formal) look for this black vellum Prom invitation. With its dark color and elegantly exquisite details, this invite is a versatile choice for any Prom theme. Match it to our new Cosmic Nights theme or Black Damask Balloons!

Damask Design Invite

6. Event Ticket Invitation

One of our more unique Prom invitations looks more like a concert ticket! This Event Ticket Invitation features all your custom details in the format shown. A lanyard with clear pouch is available separately, so students can wear it all night long.  Match it to our Party Like A Rock Star theme or Large Silver Ticket Key Tag.

Event Ticket Invite

7. Silver Hanging Star Invitation

This slightly unconventional invitation features a die-cut star with silver foil accents and black ribbon to create your own embellished look. (Assembly required). Match it to our new The Sky’s the Limit theme or Twinkle Star Light!

Silver Hanging Star Prom Invite

8. Gatsby Deco Spinner Invitation

Students love interactive invitations, so it’s no wonder this Gatsby Deco Invite made our Top 10 Invite list. It features the cool details of an art deco design with a modern twist (literally). Spin to reveal all the details of your Prom!  Match it to our The Golden Age theme or Art Deco Lines Full-color Crown!

Gatsby Deco Spinner Prom Invite

9. Pop-Up PROM Invitation 

This Prom invite is a little retro and a little trendy! This pop-up invitation features a vintage-looking black and white damask background; the pop-up part makes it 3-D–students will love it. It even comes with an insert that you an use for a ticket. Match it to our Dance With Me, Baby theme or Pearl White Damask Balloons!

Pop-up PROM Invite

10. 45 Record Flip-Open Invitation

Designed to look like a retro album, this 45 Record Flip-Open Invite is perfect for a 1950s, ‘60s, or ‘70s theme. Simply move the top portion to reveal the details of Prom on the bottom portion! Match it to our Disco-Lite Ballroom theme or ’70s decor, like our 8″ Mirror Ball!

45 Record Flip-Open Prom Invite

See something here that you like? Place your Prom invitation order today, so you ensure that you receive your favorite invite in time for Prom 2018.