The Senior All-Night Party is usually one of the last big memories students have of their high school experience. Make your senior class have an amazing night that they will never forget. Use the following tips to help get started or to aid you during the party planning process this year!




Most schools have a group of parents who organize and plan the Senior Party. Parents are a natural fit for planning this special school event because they want their kids to be safe that night, and they will definitely want them to have lots of fun.


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  • Recruit parents of juniors; they will learn the ropes for next year
  • Organize volunteers in advance; make sure to have plenty if you have a big space
  • Break up your organizers/volunteers into smaller sub-committees
    • Decorations
    • Finance
    • Favors
  • Security

Once you have assembled your Senior Party committee, look at your event from a “fresh perspective.” Ask your committee some of these questions so you can plan an even better Senior Party than the one last year.

  • Are we doing this because we’ve done it in the past?
  • Was last year’s entertainment late?
  • How long were game/entertainment lines last year?
  • How did the students respond last time? Parents?
  • Was there too much leftover food last time?

After considering all of the above, and choosing a date, take some time to deal with a few other up-front issues:

  • Set up your Senior Party as a non-profit. In the long run, it may help your money situation. (If you are a non-profit and solicit donations, those who donate can write it off on their taxes.)
  • Check school’s liability policy and buy additional coverage if necessary
  • Make students sign an alcohol/drug free contract



Once you have all your committee members in place, it’s time to select entertainment, food, prizes, a location, and much more. Don’t forget to ask careful questions of your vendors and entertainment for this evening. Questions can include things like background checks, inquiring about insurance, and training/credentials.


With so many aspects of your Senior Party to consider, don’t forget: more is not necessarily better. If you pack too many ideas (entertainment for instance) into the evening, it can be overwhelming. Save some ideas for next year.

Budget Committee

Another key thing to keep in mind: spend your money wisely. Take a peek at social media posts from last year to see what your students liked the best, and use that information when making decisions. If students liked the décor and prizes the most, you can trim your entertainment budget to match.

  • Decide upon the admission (e.g., tickets can be a different price if students pay in advance; more money if they purchase tickets after Jan. 1)
  • Hire security; how much will depend upon the size of your party space


  • Hire professional entertainment
    • DJ or live band
    • Hypnotist
    • Magician
    • Karaoke machine
    • Comedian
    • Manicurist
    • Caricaturist
    • Photographer or photo booth
    • Fortune teller

Ping Pong


Casino Games for School Events

  • Order high-quality games
    • Sumo wrestling equipment
    • Casino games
    • Jacob’s Ladder
    • Obstacle course
    • Giant Twister
    • Ping pong

Amusement Park School Event Location

  • Secure your location way in advance
    • School gymnasium, cafeteria, and other areas
    • Local mall
    • Recreation center
    • Community center
    • Amusement park
    • Local zoo
    • Bowling alley

Mardi Gras Party Theme

  • Choose a theme
    • Carnival, cruise, Mardi Gras, the future are all popular ideas
    • Keep the theme a secret as long as you can to generate more interest

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Wearable Favors_Sunglasses

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  • Choose a caterer and/or food and drink sponsors
    • Coffee
    • Soda
    • Bottled water
    • Burgers
    • Pizza
    • Tacos and burritos
    • Wings
    • Concession stands (cotton candy, popcorn, sno cones)
    • Candy buffet

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School Events_Snow Cone


An All-Night Senior Party involves a lot of planning and details; the big night will roll around pretty quickly. You will want to have a special meeting toward the end to plan exactly how you want to handle all of the set-up (games, food, entertainment, security), decorating, and more. Having a plan in place will make any last minute issues easier to deal with.

  • Designate the junior parents to decorate and setup if your SANP is the same day as graduation
  • Set up a “coat check” room where students can safely stow coats and bags
  • Set up a “rest area” with cots and/or inflate mattresses for people who get sleepy
  • Set up small medical station; or know where your school medical kits are
  • Pick a time to start decorating
  • Pick a time for vendors (food, prizes, etc.) and entertainment to arrive
  • Draw a map of where everything is and post it at the entrance
  • Set up directional signs if necessary
  • Select several volunteers to admit students


Need more ideas for your Senior All Night Party, like door prizes and gifts? Check out and search “favors.” Or search “decorations.” You can a lot of the decorating supplies you need for your lock-in Senior Party at Prom Nite.