Fairy tale Prom themes are always a popular choice; they give your students a chance to be kids again and believe in the power of magic. And there’s no shortage of decorating ideas for you to choose from for your fairy tale night. If you’re just not sure about buying a complete theme, we can help you. There are all sorts of decorating kits you can mix and match to put together a fantastical fairy tale Prom that your students will never forget. Take a look at these amazing ideas to create your own DIY fairy tale.


Must-Have Fairy Tale Decorations

Fairy tales have their roots, of course, in literature, so start off your fairy tale Prom decorating with a Storybook Pages Arch. This large and unique structure can be used as an entrance for your Prom space or for your Grand March.

Another essential decoration for a fairy tale night is a castle. From silhouettes to free-standing structures, there are many different types of decorative castles, but our Dazzling Castle Turrets & Clock Tower and Dazzling Castle Entrance with Archway Kit together create a spectacular sight. Not only are the items glittered so they sparkle, they are also full of lights to make your fairy tale Prom atmosphere seem extra magical. (Don’t forget to order extra Turrets to liven up corners or for use as photo ops.)

A beautiful carriage is another must-have fairy tale decoration. Set up an Hour of Enchantment Carriage as a decorative structure in your party space or for your Prom night selfie stations.

Dazzling Castle Entrance

Hour of Enchantment Carriage

MORE Fairy Tale Decorations

Once you have those essential fairy tale Prom structures, look for other enchanting kits to fit your school’s particular fairy tale theme. A Glorious Glittering Gateway can be used as another entrance, a partition, or photo op. You can also combine the Stairway of Wishes with an arch or turrets to create another impressive structure to rival your castle. And a cobblestone Path and Moon Kit is great for creating a flow to your fairy tale décor. There are many more fairy tale decorating ideas out there, choose the ones that are specific to your Prom theme.

Glorious Glittering Gateway


Stairway of Wishes

UNIQUE Fairy Tale Decorations

Got all the requisite fairy tale décor? Embellish your Prom space with more specific and unique decorations. These can range from an underwater fairy tale to a heavenly fairy tale. However, we love the following ideas.

A Tall Mystical Parasol Mobile is an incredible way to create hanging floral decorations to create an enchanting fairy tale garden. The free-standing structure turns, so it makes your Prom space that much more intriguing.

Set up a Wish for Something More Well to coordinate with a your fairy tale. Not only is this fun prop for Prom night selfies, you can encourage students to make a “Prom wish” by offering each of them a penny when they enter your dance space.

Tall Mystical Parasol Mobile


Fairy tale Prom themes are all about magic and dreaming. Mix and match the above ideas to create your own unique dreamy fairy tale theme for your Prom night–one that your students will never forget.