We promised you LOTS of new Prom themes, and these are final five! From foreign destinations like Paris and Morocco to gardens, we’ve got lots of unique Prom themes for your school’s special evening. Take a look at our last 5 new themes to help your school get ready for Prom 2019.

Golden Garden Gala Prom Theme

Go glam for your garden Prom night by giving it a ballroom-style twist with this Golden Garden Gala Prom Theme. This theme is all about gold–chandelier, frames, planters, arch, floor stands, silhouettes, and floral decor. And there is a lot of room for you to embellish this theme even more. Garlands, amber lighting, and, yes, more gold accents, will only make this garden Prom theme more glamorous. 


Moroccan Nights Prom Theme

Travel to Morocco for Prom 2019 with this exotic Moroccan Night Prom Theme. From the colors to the architecture to the large and regal lanterns, this theme features one-of-a-kind elements to make your Moroccan Prom night come alive. You can even purchase additional metal lanterns to use as centerpieces. (Our Arabesco-designed Metallic Foil Favors are a perfect match for this Prom theme!)


Romance à Paris Prom Theme

The pastel, watercolor style of some of the elements of this Romance à Paris Prom Theme gives it a vintage flair that lends itself well to Prom romance. The unique free-standing buildings provide a groundwork for your Parisian Prom streets and the Eiffel Tower adds a touch of “romantic” history. The pink trees and couple silhouettes finish off the romantic ambiance of this complete theme.


To Paris with Love Prom Theme

With our To Paris with Love Prom Theme we’ve recreated a street in Paris and given it a trendy twist by spelling out the name of the city–with that iconic Eiffel Tower! And not only to these letters provide a dramatic backdrop (and photo ops), they all come with hanging flora so they work well for a Parisian garden theme! Other decorative accents that make this Prom theme special are the scooter and bicycle stand ups, light-up column, and dazzling floor stands. NOTE: This theme is also available with gold accents instead of silver.


Twilight in the Garden Prom Theme

This quaint Twilight in the Garden Prom Theme is full of durable garden décor that is easy to store and reuse for various other school events. For instance, the professional-quality gazebo comes with lights and a chandelier to make it a fancy garden gazebo, but you can remove the lights and chandelier and simply used the gazebo as is for school plays and more. Other high-quality, reusable items in this theme includes the bench, topiaries, and gorgeous faux trees.


Now that you have seen the last five of our 11 new Prom themes, it’s time to choose your own theme. Choose one of our new themes, one of our dozens of other Prom themes online, or mix and match kits from several themes to create your own unique theme for Prom 2019!