We are so excited to spotlight our new complete Prom themes for 2019! We’ve got glitz, stars, gardens, winter wonderland, and foreign destinations, like Paris and Morocco. Take a look at these 11 new themes to help your school prepare for your amazing 2019 Prom night.

A Night in the Stars Prom Theme

Create your own constellation for a starry night Prom with this unique A Night in the Stars Prom Theme. From the large planets to the printed constellation columns to the glowing centerpieces, this theme will transform your Prom venue into a galaxy far away. And it’s easy to accent this theme with extra lighting and special effects to add to these celestial ambiance.


Fairy Tale City Prom Theme

Set up your own emerald-colored Fairy Tale City for Prom night with this whimsical prom theme. There are an amazing amount of enchanting decorations to bring this theme to life, from the turrets and staircases to the poppy-covered hedges. There’s even a glitter-filled hourglass (sold separately) that can be paired with this fairy tale theme!


Glitzy Getaway Prom Theme

Our Glitzy Getaway Prom Theme combines Moroccan-inspired columns and arch with jewel-toned colors and glitzy decor for a unique Prom experience. If you wish to add more colors to reflect the region, we offer dozens of high-quality fabrics that can be wrapped around your arch and columns, or bunched along the floor to create a pathway.


Hollywood Glamour Prom Theme

With minimal and uniquely glamorous decor, this Hollywood Glamour Prom Theme harkens back to that golden age of Hollywood. It’s a great twist on a Tinseltown Prom theme if you want a vintage touch to it. The retro-style arch and 1920s art deco panels help set the tone, and the requisite film reels, free-standing camera, and red carpet complete the Hollywood scene.


Winter Garden Fantasy Prom Theme

Put a different spin on your winter wonderland Prom theme with this breathtaking Winter Garden Fantasy Prom Theme. It includes lots of glittery trees, light-up trees and other light-up structures, and a super elegant ceiling treatment to transform your Prom venue into an enchanting frozen paradise. We love the unique combination of the elegance, shabby chic style, and wintry elements; it all combines to create a truly one-of-a-kind winter Prom theme your students will remember forever!


Roaring ‘20s Soiree Prom Theme

Our new Gatsby-style Roaring ‘20s Soiree Prom Theme is filled with lots of art deco designs in black and gold that are representative of the time period. This theme also has lots of unique elements to make your Prom theme extra exciting for your students. With the party glass “pool,” aerialist on the moon, light up sign, and customized floor sign, you will have so many exciting decorations and photo ops, you will definitely give your students a very memorable evening.


Like the themes you see above? Stay tuned for five more trendy new themes for Prom 2019!