Recently, we conducted a survey of how high schools across the United States are handling these unprecedented times. Response to our survey was very high–thousands of schools participated–and we learned a lot from this quick survey and hope you can use some or all of these results to help navigate these difficult times.

• Even with closures and/or restrictions, the majority of high schools told us they are still planning on having a physical Prom in 2020. 

• High schools still want to try to have Prom, so, many are postponing the event to a later date (e.g., May through June or July.) 

• 89% of high schools plan to move Prom onto school property. 

It’s clear that most high schools are finding new and creative ways to celebrate Prom, Graduation, Senior Party, and other year-end milestones. Below are some of the trends we are seeing:

  • Special gifts, giveaways, and days dedicated to the Senior class.
  • Online royalty coronation ceremonies on social media.
  • Digital fashion shows of students in formal Prom wear.
  • Nostalgic social media posts from teachers using their own Prom photos.
  • Privately sponsored events from parents and volunteers at a school, city, and/or regional level.
  • Invitation and admission to 2020-2021 school year dances for the Senior Class of 2020.
  • Virtual Proms with music, chat, and contests for Decorating, Best Dressed, and Dance Moves.
  • Graduation Parade where students receive their diploma from their vehicle

Please watch for upcoming emails and blogs from Prom Nite. We are working hard to provide you with additional resources around how to pull off some of the above ideas–and more!

We also asked what Prom Nite could do to help you better plan and react to changing circumstances during these difficult times. No matter what you need, you can trust us to help:

  • Providing New Resources and Updates from other schools about what they’re doing for Prom 2020.
  • Holding orders and shipping directly to residences.
  • Offering Same Day and Rush Shipping.
  • Making sure we don’t miss event dates.
  • Updating our Return Policy.
  • Waiving late fees on delayed payments.

We thank you if you participated in our survey. It is our pleasure to partner with you and serve you!

The Prom Nite Staff