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Arabian Kits

With tall, mesmerizing turrets, colorful backgrounds, fabrics, arches, and more, the Arabian kit you see here helps you build a unique and memorable night. The sand and serenity of the desert is a perfect way to make your prom theme ideas stand out--the golden towers and sparkling skies are just part of what makes this prom theme kit incredible!

Mesmerizing Tall Turret Towers Kit (set of 2)

Retail Price: $206.99
Our Price: $204.99

Charmed Turret Towers Kit (set of 3)

Retail Price: $297.99
Our Price: $295.99

Arabian Empire City & Turrets Silhouettes Kit (set of 5)

Retail Price: $249.99
Our Price: $229.99

Desert Delight Tent Kit

Price: $189.99

Screens of Marrakesh Kit

Price: $274.99

Magic Carpet Ride Photographer Prop Kit

Retail Price: $289.99
Our Price: $279.10

Endless Diamond Sky Flying Carpet Kit

Retail Price: $129.99
Our Price: $109.99