Waterfall of Wonders Kit

Create a stunning Prom focal point AND cover up the unsightly basketball hoop in your gym! This dual-purpose Prom kit makes a great addition to your Prom-on-a-budget, because you can create the Prom theme of your dreams using a basketball hoop you'll want to cover anyway. This affordable Prom kit can serve as Prom’s main attraction, as you design other elements around it or as an accent piece to a bigger Prom theme. This inexpensive Prom kit also makes a perfect backdrop for Prom photos or a fun addition to your Grand March. Kit includes everything you need to create the waterfall. You provide the basketball stand and hoop. When completed, the waterfall measures approximately 14 feet high x 10 feet wide (depending on the size of your basketball stand). Assembly time: 2 people, 3 hours.