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Most prom decorations are from the floor up, but adding some items that hang from the ceiling will give your event a vertical element your guests will find refreshing and daring! Not only do they spread light, but they can be used as a focal point for the theme. Crystals, gold or silver, spirals, teardrops, bubbles, and a healthy bevy of other shapes, styles, and colors will help you find something you love. The Obsidian Swirl Chandelier draws the eye, the Sleek Spiral Chandelier - Purple is great for colorful themes, and the Sapphire Sensation Chandelier Kit is a calming blue piece great for undersea themes.

Shimmering Chandelier

Retail Price: $16.99
Our Price: $14.99

Chandelier Swag Kit

Price: $89.99

Six Tier Chandelier

Price: $129.99

Chandelier Stand

Price: $29.99

Silver Rain Chandelier

Price: $59.99

Black Shade Chandelier

Price: $59.99