Golden Paris Letters & Eiffel Tower Kit

Give your students a real treat for their Paris Prom theme with this Golden Paris Letters & Eiffel Tower Kit. Arrange the oversize, free-standing letters along with the Eiffel Tower to spell the word "Paris" in your Prom party space, atrium, stage, and more! The letters & Eiffle Tower are all made from black and gold cardboard, white wisteria, and green grass mats. All letters are 7'6" high x 12" deep; widths are as follows: P (5'5"), R (6'5"), I (31"), and S (55"). The Eiffel Tower stands in for the "A" in Paris and measures 17'2" high x 8'5" square at the base. Assembly required. NOTE: The height of the Eiffel Tower can be decreased by up to 20" if needed to fit in your space.