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Themes for Prom 2018 & Homecoming

Unique themes and backdrops you'll Love!

Prom Themes and Homecoming Themes are what we do best at Prom Nite! We specialize in creating unique, classy and fun decorations and backdrops that will make your big event one of the most memorable events of your life! We are especially excited about our offering of Prom Themes for 2018! Whether you are looking for a glitzy hollywood prom theme, a classic ballroom prom theme, a mysterious masquerade prom theme or a fun casino backdrop for your prom theme, we've got all of the props, backdrops and decorations that you need. Got a tight budget for Prom? We've got you covered! We have designed our prom and homecoming themes to fit every budget! View Budget Themes by clicking here. With complete theme kits starting under $300, you are sure to find exactly what you need to turn your high school gymnasium or a bland banquet room into the Prom setting of your dreams!.