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There are lots of fashionable items to give your prom night guests--wonderful additions to any prom swag bag or gift bags, or prom decorations! Find sunglasses, hats, wristbands, crowns, masks, gloves, and lots more, great for whatever unique prom theme you're building.

Malibu Sunglasses

Retail Price: $3.49
Our Price: $2.99

Longworth Lanyard

As low as: $1.99

Dual Imprint Mega Lanyard

As low as: $2.99

Lace Mask Set - Black

Price: $4.95

Prom 2019 Sunglasses

Price: $2.99

Gold and Black Mask

Price: $3.25

Prom Bling Lanyard

Price: $3.49

Multi-color Nylon Lanyard

As low as: $2.49

Multi-Tab Wristband

Price: $1.19

Distressed Lanyard

As low as: $2.69

Tee Shirt Hoodie

Price: $14.99

Glitter Glam Glasses

Price: $2.99

Economy Lanyard

Price: $1.49

Zara Sunglasses

Price: $3.49

Gold/White Mask Set

Price: $5.95

Black/Gold Mask Set

Price: $5.95

Black/Silver Mask Set

Price: $5.95

Black Glitter Mask

Price: $3.25

Blue Glitter Mask

Price: $3.25