Decorate it Yourself Glassware
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Create your own Prom favors with paint, glitter, fabric, beads and more. Order from the materials below and use the instructions in our DIY Glassware Decorating Guide to create fantastic Prom, Homecoming and wedding favors and centerpieces for your event.

Colton Jar Mug
As low as: $2.99
Shiver Hurricane Glass
As low as: $3.94
Glow Necklaces 8 inch.
Price: $24.99
Party Dots LEDs
Price: $8.99
Brody Short Tumbler
As low as: $1.99
LED White Tealight
Price: $0.99
Feather Boa
Price: $4.99
Get Glowing Paint Set
Retail Price: $44.99
Our Price: $37.49
Eiffel Tower Stem Flute
As low as: $5.99
Gerard Black Ribbon Trumpet
As low as: $4.39
Iridescent Tinsel Shreds
Retail Price: $22.69
Our Price: $16.99
Hudson Bell Bottom Mug
Price: $3.99
Morgan Flute Glass
As low as: $2.49
Baron Short Stem Bowl
As low as: $2.99
Bernie Fluted Vase
Price: $3.99
Cane Mini Dessert Glass
As low as: $2.99
Ronin Dessert Dish Glass
As low as: $2.99
Charmeuse Bowl Glass
As low as: $2.99
Dulce Dessert Glass
As low as: $3.69
Ambrosia Mini Dessert Glass
As low as: $3.69
Merida Swirl Pilsner
As low as: $1.99
Color Twist Straws
Price: $5.99
Jasper Coffee Mug
Price: $3.99
Fancy Paisley Fabric
Price: $79.99
Silver Pearl Accents
Price: $0.99
Small Glue Gun
Retail Price: $10.94
Our Price: $5.99
Alden Short Flare
Price: $0.00
Finespun Fabric
Price: $49.99
Hurricane Vase
As low as: $3.69