Prom on a Budget

If you’re looking for cheap Prom prices on high-quality themes, look no further. We have you covered!

With Prom budgets tighter than ever, we know you are looking for affordable Prom options that your teens will LOVE and that still fit into your Prom budget. That’s why we have created low-cost Prom themes, designed to help you create your perfect Prom at a fraction of the cost of traditional Prom themes. Whether you use them alone, as accents to any of our other hot Prom themes, as photo backdrops, or as mini themes for your Grand March, these less expensive Prom themes will be the perfect complements to your perfect Prom.  Cheap Prom decorations don't need to look that way - we can help you make your Prom look dazzling, and stay on your budget at the same time!

This is Your Year Theme
Price: $149.99
Sparkle and Light Theme
Price: $219.99
Waterfall of Wonders Kit
Price: $149.99
Evening of Dreams Theme
Price: $259.99
Star Party Theme
Price: $259.99
Full-Color Invitations
As low as: $1.25
Full-Color Photo Key Chain
Retail Price: $2.54
Our Price: $1.69
Full-Color Key Chain
Retail Price: $2.14
Our Price: $1.39
Full-color Candles
Retail Price: $3.34
Our Price: $1.95
Two-tone Lanyard
As low as: $2.89
Neon Fitness Bottle Sipper
As low as: $1.59
Clapboard Invitation
Retail Price: $1.69
Our Price: $1.65
Event Ticket Invitation
Retail Price: $3.85
Our Price: $1.85