Prom King Ribbon Sash and Button Set

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Deck out your prom night royalty with ourProm King Ribbon Sash and Button Set! Find the perfect color combo for the ribbon sash and button, no matter what your prom theme is! From black to white, there are lots of options to make your royalty look amazing. This sash and button set includes one 72" long sash made from a ribbon-like material and one coordinating button.

Prom King Ribbon Sash and Button Set

Item Number: MSPRK
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2019 Black King Button/White Imprint

2019 Blue King Button/White Imprint

2019 Purple King Button/White Imprint

2019 Red King Button/White Imprint

2019 White King Button Black Imprint

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Black with White Imprint

Blue with White Imprint

Purple with White Imprint

Red with White Imprint

White with Black Imprint

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