Diamond Prom themes are hot for Prom this year; they are over-the-top ways to encompass the glitz and glamour of Prom night. The great thing about a Diamond Prom theme is that there are so many options when it comes to décor and tons of dazzling, diamond-inspired favors and royalty accessories to match. Here are some amazing ideas to help you create 24 carat magic with a Diamond Prom theme.

Diamond Prom Theme

A complete Diamond Prom theme will help you obtain affordable Prom decorations and fill up your party space. It’s a great starting point from which you can mix and match kits, choose favors, select décor, and royalty accessories, and dress up your space in the glitziest and most glamorous look you can imagine.

Diamond Prom Invitations

Most Proms start with the invitation. The perfect invite is one that instantly communicates your Prom theme, with either a design or text, and supplies all the necessary details of this special night. Set the tone for your diamond-studded affair with our full-color fill-in Prom invitations; they make a beautiful keepsakes that represent the sparkle of your diamond Prom theme.

Diamond Prom Decorations

Finding diamonds, crystals, and gemstones for Prom decorations is very easy. Whether you want literal diamond décor or blingy decorations with that special sparkle or shine, here are a few ideas for you.

Diamond Drape Chandelier

• Crystal Chandeliers

• Crystal Beaded Curtains

• Sparkle Fabric

• Holographic Streamers

• Sequin Table Runners

• Diamond Centerpieces

Diamond Prom Favors

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend; we agree, but let’s not forget the guys. They could use a little sparkle in their lives, too. With that in mind, we have a variety of diamond-themed or bling accented favors that will be perfect for both girls and guys.

• Diamond Swag Bags

• Diamond Key Chains

• Bling Tumblers

• Diamond Faceted Mugs

• Rhinestone Frames

• Bling Lanyards

Diamond Prom Royalty Accessories

Since you can’t crown your Prom royalty in real diamonds, present them with the next best thing – royalty accessories made with dazzling clear rhinestones. They sparkle like real diamonds, but they don’t require you to empty your royal treasury (aka your Prom budget). Crown your Prom Queen and princesses in exquisite tiaras and your Prom King and princes in crowns with shiny bands that look like bling. Royalty court sets are great options, because they include blingy accessories for both your King and Queen.

No matter how you decorate, accessorize, or prepare for your diamond Prom theme, mix and match these diamond and bling ideas to create a truly dazzling Prom night for your students.