Metallic Silver Easy-Up Fabric Backdrop

Don't let your eyes deceive you. This Metallic Silver Easy-Up Fabric Backdrop may look glittery, but it's not! The unique stretch and textured fabric backdrop features a metallic silver sheen that gives you lots of sparkle that will look amazing in your students' selfies on Prom night. Also ideal for a Winter Formal or Homecoming dance, this 20' wide x 10' high durable fabric is very easy to work with AND stores well for future use. Just slip the hemmed end over the top rod of your backdrop stand (sold separately), pipe and drape, or other frame. Scrunch the metallic silver fabric slightly to fit it on the complete rod and let it drape naturally for a very elegant look. The silver color of this unique stretchy and textured Metallic Silver Easy-up Fabric Backdrop is a perfect match for your winter wonderland, diamond, or ballroom Prom theme.