Adoring Fans Crowd Silhouette Kit (set of 2)

This Adoring Fans Crowd Silhouette Kit is a must-have stand-up decoration for a Hollywood theme--they’re all here to see your students make an entrance! This Hollywood decorative kit includes two Silhouettes. The left side Crowd Silhouette kit measures 5' 3" high x 52" wide x 18" deep. The right side measures 5' 8" high x 5' wide x 18" deep. Both Silhouettes are made of printed cardboard and include light cords with sockets and light bulbs to really light up your party space! Use your Adoring Fans Crowd Silhouettes for Prom, Homecoming dances, Winter Formal, or even a stage production. Students will love posing next to these Silhouettes for selfies and professional photo ops. Assembly required; instructions are included.