Flame-Retardant Solid Color Gossamer

Gossamer is one of the most versatile decorations for Prom that we offer. This non-woven, sheer, lightweight decorating material is the perfect fabric to achieve any look for Homecoming, Prom, Winter Formal, Senior Party, and many other high school events. Gossamer decorating fabric comes in a variety of sizes, even more colors, and can be used in even MORE ways! Hang Gossamer from ceiling rings to create dramatic drapes that cover every inch of your venue's ceiling; wrap Gossamer around columns, railings, and banisters; secure pleated Gossamer to a wall for a photo backdrop; layer different colors of Gossamer for table covers--the decorating ideas are endless. Depending upon how much you use, Prom decorations like Gossamer fabric can be carefully stored and reused for future school events.