Magnet Mover Kit

Have you been struggling with decorating your Prom venue? Can't find a way around sticky tape, staples, and dangerous ladders? Have we got a solution for you! Introducing the Magnetic Hanging System! The Magnetic Hanging System allows you to suspend items such as decorations, displays, or banners quickly and safely to make the most of any ceiling display space. Great for gossamer, tulle, nylon netting, and balloons! The Magnetic Hanging System uses powerful ceiling magnets and extension poles instead of ladders. The suspension is much faster and the risk of falling is reduced. This product is ideal for drop ceilings, magnetic air-walls or high ceilings in banquet halls. The Magnet Mover pole's corkscrew attachment easily positions magnets on the ceiling for decorating and then retrieves them for fast clean-up.  Save time AND money with the one hanging tool that you can't live without!  Kit includes: one pole and 10 magnets with rings.

Purchase components separately
Magnets with Rings - package of 10
Magnets with Rings - package of 10

Price: $79.99