Is your Prom theme missing something? Does it need an extra finishing touch to take it from simply OK to truly spectacular? The right theme kit or decoration can make the difference. Adding one or more of these elements can make all the difference when it comes to creating a memorable event for your teens. Try to incorporate some of these Prom decor ideas and see how amazing your space can look:

Lighted Gate Prop for Grand March

Create Fun Prom Photo Ops
Teens get bored with the same old Prom photo backgrounds. Say goodbye to the plain paper and flat fabric backdrops and hello to photo props that add depth and dimension to Prom pictures. Plus, after photos are done, you can use these backgrounds as part of your Prom theme. Here are some fun photo op ideas to try:

Wire and Metal Structures
Balloon Arches
Red Carpet and Roped Railings
Lifesize Cutouts

Fill Large Spaces With Fountains
Have a large area that you don’t know what to do with? A fountain is a great way to fill a large space quickly. Choose a real, working fountain, or create the illusion of one with a pool structure and metallic sheeting. Theme fountains and pools come in a ton of styles and sizes, so it’s easy to create the perfect one for your party space.

Add Drama and Elegance With Columns
Something as simple as a strategically placed column can make a big difference in your Prom decorations. The great thing about columns is that they are very versatile. You can use them undecorated for a classic ballroom feel, or you can decorate them to match your theme. Try adding fabric, lights, or garland to create the perfect look.

Create Spectacular Ceiling Treatments
Don’t let ugly ceilings bring your Prom theme down. Since you can’t get rid of ceilings, embrace them by turning them into part of your theme décor.  Try some of these fun ideas:

• Display a chandelier
• Swoop fabric to create instant drama
• Hang beaded curtains or wavy lighted curtains
• Hang a balloon net and have a balloon drop
• Hang bunches of balloons
• Display a dazzling
mirror disco ball

These ideas will help you make your Prom decorations the best they can be, so you can create  the perfect look for the biggest and best event of the school year.