Congratulations! Your school’s Prom committee just selected your Prom theme. Now it’s time to select Prom favors and decorations that will coordinate. Choosing the right ones for your Prom theme may seem a little daunting, but Prom Nite is here to help. Read on for easy favor and decor ideas.

Casino Prom Theme

Whether your casino Prom is set in Vegas, Atlantic City, or Monte Carlo, selecting favors may seem like a no-brainer (they should feature card suits, dice, or casino games), but don’t forget to go “over the top.” (This is especially true for a Vegas casino theme!) Light-up Tumblers and Silver Dice Glassware Charms are great for a casino Prom theme. And for decorations, Playing Card Stand Up Centerpieces, Mirror Balls, and Sequin Table Covers are perfect choices.

Diamond Prom Theme

If you have chosen a crystal or diamond theme for Prom, of course, you can go all-out with the bling for favors and decorations. Look for the most elegant Bling Drinkware and Chandeliers that have no shortage of crystals or diamonds. 

Many schools with a diamond Prom theme incorporate lots of crystals in their decorating. However, you can spin your theme a different way: think vintage and black for your favor and decorating choices. Vintage-inspired Frames and Swag Bags are excellent ideas for favors. And decorations, like checkerboard Background Paper and luxurious Fabrics, will bring your ballroom alive.

Hollywood Prom Theme

If your school plans to rock the red carpet Hollywood-style for Prom night, selecting favors decorations seems pretty easy. All you have to do is look for photo strips, film reels, trophies, or clapboards, right? Well, this is one Prom theme that lends itself well to “thinking outside the box.” Don’t forget, celebrities get swag bags at award ceremonies, to make sure your prom guests get Swag Bags, too. And, Sunglasses are essential for any California Prom theme. When it comes to decorations, you need a Red Carpet and Roped Railings, and don’t forget about Spotlights and “glitzy” Fabrics like glitter tulle.


Masquerade Prom Theme

No matter what type of masquerade theme you have for Prom, the one thing this theme needs is Masks, and lots of them. You can use Masks for swag bags, table favors, photo ops, and decorations. Another quality of a masquerade to remember is the magic, so unique Light-up Favors are great options. And if you’re planning a Mardi Gras theme, look for King and Queen Crown Sets that feature a fleur de lis design. For decorations, the type of masquerade will probably dictate the colors you choose (purple, gold, and green for Mardi Gras; black and red for a gothic masquerade), but you also need things like a Fog Machine and vintage-style Flocked Fabric.

Paris Prom Theme

Most Paris Prom themes will have the obligatory Eiffel Tower as a focal point, and this icon can be featured on Full-color Favor Sets, too. Other Paris-related ideas include Fleur de lis Crowns for your King and Queen, because that symbol came from France. And the French flag is blue, white, and red, so those colors are a great source of inspiration for favors and decorative fabrics. Last, but not least, Paris is the “City of Light,” so Mini Lights and Special Effects Lighting are must-haves.

Starry Night Prom Theme

Star-themed favors and decorations sound easy, maybe even a little boring, but you don’t have to be stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing these Prom favors and decorations. Some of our favorite star favors include Full-color Frames and star Swag Bags. For decorations, try Star Confetti and Star Centerpieces. Other decorations to consider are a Fog Machine (for clouds) and Hanging Stars for ceiling décor.

No matter which Prom theme you choose, we have you covered with amazing favors and décor to match. From the obvious to the obscure, these fun ideas can help you create a coordinating Prom look and turn your event into the most talked about event of the year.